16 November 2014

03 Yamasa Japan 2014

Ohaiyou gozaimasu ! so i'm a bit more settled with some amenities purchased.
Its been some time now & i've got to know my classmates  little better.
Let's see what we have for this posting neh !

How it is after settling a bit.

I can cook now !

Amenities in ! with snacks too. 

This is how i do my cooking preparation.
no table u see. make do with the little space on the sink.

Breakfast learn from Uncle Yoshi.
Thick slice bread with cheese & ham. Load in & toast!

Let's go to school !

View from 2nd level of the apartment. Pretty Nice eh !

General feel of the estate around my apartment unit.

There are a couple of schools nearby. so every morning we'll
see lots of Japanese students going to their school as well.

Little ones with obvious yellow caps !
Japanese are responsible drivers & always give way, especially, to children. 

First thing first. Orientation !
Briefing on school rules, accommodation rules & Visa matters.

Includes walk around outside of Yamasa 2 building.
there are a few more buildings nearby also own by Yamasa.

My classmates ! total 10 Nationalities ! Wahaha ! Quite unexpected...
Taiwan, Korea, Singapore (me), USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, Thai, France & Vietnam.

Mon san from Thailand is my partner classmate for this week.
Every week we draw lots & change our seating to foster our relationships.

Most of the time we'll have lunch in class. usually about 1/3
of the class will bring Bento with them. Me ... sometimes desu.

We had a lunch outing one time. 

Affordable place at average around 400 Yen for udon.
Very tasty soup base but really lacking in ingredients & nutrition.
Probably i won't visit again. LoL...

Happy faces ! occasions like this are rare & precious memories.
(everyone has their own schedules after class)

My typical dinner looks something like this.
no dinning table so use study table for meals. :D 

Hitting the books shortly after meal.
Beri serious hor.... Dun u think so !? Wahaha !

Apologize for not posting frequent enough. Its pretty time consuming seriously !
with homework & revision everyday plus weekend short touring trips.
I'm a bit short of time neh !

Have a good weekend ! TIll next time ! Ja !

19 October 2014

Day 2 Yamasa Japan 2014

Ohaiyo gozaimasu ! Wuu..... its pretty cold & wet this morning . Typhoon 18 is passing
by Yokohama, where my Aunt lives.

Today, i'll be heading for Yamasa Institute! They are informed of my arrival time but we
hope that the Typhoon wun delay the trains, which is possible according to my Uncle.
I've decided to take my chance & face probable waiting for hours. 

I gotto try to get to Yamasa in time for the placement test tomorrow.

Sleeping over at my Aunt's spare room.
Its raining heavily, my uncle called a taxi to take us to Shin-Yokohama station
Raining like cats & dogs outside. Plus strong winds.
Arriving at Shin-Yokohama station. Trains are delayed.
Waited 3 hrs before train resume service.
Alrighty ! Train is coming soon ! Taking Kodama shinkansen.Shin-Yokohama >> Toyohashi >> Okazaki
Oopss ... no seat oredi ! -_-
Craps... dun tell me i gotto stand for the whole trip ! sianz..
Observing the area in between cars.
these are nice rest rooms in case one needs to bomb. LoL
This happy lark got a seat finally !
Most of the time, these free seating cabins are usually not
totally filled up. But, cos of Typhoon no:18, it caused a short burst
of travellers in all stations.
Low angle shot of Kodama Shinkansen no:174 's cabin
Me ticket. Just for memories.
On ride from Toyohashi >> Okazaki . Yea !
We'll be there soon enough !
Landscape from regular train.
I wonder why the cabin is so empty. Where's the people neh !?
Okazaki City ! taken from train station.
Hmmm..... pretty flat i must say. 
a Quick call to Yamasa customer service dept brings Greg along.
Was expecting a Japanese, got a New Zealander instead. LoL 

Institue is really near to station. like 5 min van ride only. After some form filling, we're
off to the accommodation immediately. its about 5pm now. Greg will be off work soon.

Here we are ! a typical japanese apartment just like the ones i
saw in the internet. * Happy!*
Yamasa Villa 1
Stairways to 2nd level after entry.
this layout considered spacious. Most apartments have their
stairways along the side of building to save space. 

Bicycles under stairways. I learned that i cannot use them
cos they're all tag with serial number & logged in Police station's
record. If i get caught with one not under me name, its trouble neh !

Tada ! me room is just at the corner
as i was told. Let's go see neh ! *anxious*
Greeted with a long kitchen. 2 doors on right leads to
bath room & rest room. Nice! more compact apartments have
integrated bath & toilet in a single room (dun like). Tis's nice !
Simple & clean room. its pretty big IMO. abt 4m x 5m size.
total area plus kitchen is abt 4m x 10m. can accommodate
2 students if request is made in advance.
Messy unpacking. its ok, just for a while neh. :D
Quickly went out to Daiso nearby to get stuffs so
i can settle in asap. Funky socks to fight cold. LoL
Even more stuffs .....
First dinner, that dun need cooking, at my study table.
unfortunately, i do not have a dinning table. So .... LL . LoL

Oh my gosh ! i still find it hard to believe i'm in Japan & is at the Yamasa accommodation
oredi ! Wahaha !! *filled with happiness!*

How will life be there after !? Will i get some idiot classmates ?? Are the teachers good?
Will i get sucky, dirty classrooms ? Will there be interesting things to do over weekend
at Okasaki ? or will i end up sucking thumb at home after homework is done ?? LoL

well.... i really dunno manz !... LoL   ... we shall see as the days pass.
Meanwhile..... a blissful, good rest for the night.

Oyasumi nasai ! *wink*

8 October 2014

Here we go again neh !!

Today is 04 Oct Saturday 2014. And i am going to Japan once again !! Wuhoo !
The plan is to study Japanese at Yamasa Institute for 3 months. 

This will be the longest trip i've had to Japan & i'm looking forward to a wonderful 
time there ! :D

Send off from my place wz Tacha & Kris

Alrighty ! Here we go again ! for real !! LoL

 Me Ticket . Love it !!

Featuring me new shoe. New Balance 574 .
A classic design & very comfortable for travelling.
And me new watch. A Seiko Sportura Kinectic GMT. Sweet !

Today's flight will be onboard the new Boeing 787 Dream Liner !

Its not bad this aircraft. there's good leg spacing ! for someone who is tall (1.83m)
i still have a bit of allowance beyond my knees. Cabin smells nice & new

All ready to rock & roll !! 

Snacks & form filling wz a Pilot Capless fountain pen

a washoku Japanese Breakfast. its not bad but not
good enough IMO . a bit disappointed. 

Finally met my Uncle Yoshi after so many years !

Uncle Yoshi Playing his Sanshin for show. LoL

A visit to LaLaPort shopping mall. Really big !
While my uncle & Auntie works out at the Gym.

Dinner at Denny's restaurant. 

Ordered some fried fish set meal. It tastes different from Denny's
from other parts for the world. Well... its Japan ! What can i say ! 

Oh ! its been a long day for me ! didn't really sleep well during the flight. Prob due to
the feelings coming to Japan . :D

Uncle Yoshi said Typhoon No:18 is on the run now & will be passing by Yokohama
tomorrow . Its might affect the trains according to the news.
Keeping my fingers cross. Hopefully, i will not be delayed too long as i intend to attend
the placement test at Yamasa sooner.

Good nitez all ! Till tomorrow ! Ja ne !